Monday, January 26, 2015

Failing The Rabbit Test

Years ago, when a woman tested positive for pregnancy, there was rejoicing by the parents. True, a rabbit died as part of the testing, but the need to know if there was a pregnancy justified its medical use. Antipope Francis, is now saying, "God gives you methods to be responsible. Some think that – excuse the word – that in order to be good Catholics we have to be like rabbits. No."

 Humans have the sacred and awesome role in assisting in God's creation. When a man and woman, joined in Holy Matrimony, use natural means to procreate, they form the body of the new human person, and God infuses the immortal soul. Ratzinger opened the door to contraception being formally legitimized in the Vatican II sect when he said female prostitutes could licitly use contraception to prevent the spread of AIDS. This is the complete overthrow of Catholic moral theology. 

 The Ordinary Universal Magisterium has always taught that acts contrary to nature are intrinsically evil and cannot be justified. To say otherwise is to accept the principle that the end justifies the means. An article published in the Vatican II rag, The Wanderer (which always seeks to explain away the Modernist heresy of the Vatican II antipopes), said that contraception is only wrong within marriage because outside of marriage all sexual acts are forbidden anyway, hence extramarital contraception must be judged as moral or immoral on extrinsic grounds (!) 

 If there is nothing wrong with perverting the sex act outside of marriage then bestiality, as well as sodomy, could be justified on some extrinsic grounds. Now, Frankie is getting ready to take it to the next step-- feel free to limit children at will and with out sufficient cause. Don't trust in God. People see our sect as promoting "breeding like rabbits." Frankie even castigated a woman who had seven children by C-section and was pregnant with another child as "irresponsible." 

 All this could lead to a de facto overturning of the true teaching against contraception. The fact (always brought up in the media) that "89% of married Catholics (sic) approve of contraception" no more renders it licit or moral than if 89% of Catholics approved of adultery. When the next October synod on the family takes place in October, watch for what is probably coming next: limiting children at will for selfish reasons is "legitimate." 

 This is an injury to God. Marriage was instituted to propagate the human race. It is an injury to society. It depopulates an already shrinking Christian society which will be overrun by the Mohammedans having large families. It is an injury to the family. It renders the husband and wife selfish and they will either spoil or neglect the one or two children to which they limited themselves  for selfish motives; not out of absolute necessity. It is an injury to the individual as they subordinate the highest good of marriage to their selfish desire to be free from children they deem "unnecessary" because it would detract from a lavish lifestyle. 

 Whether or not Christianity survives or is enslaved by the darkness of Islamism depends on the proper view of the ends of marriage and self-sacrifice. This is a matter of the highest importance--not an exercise in splitting hares. 

Monday, January 19, 2015

Taking A Jab At Truth

 Antipope Francis made headlines this week when, in the wake of the murders at the rag Charlie Hebdo, he claimed that violence in the name of God is never justified (really? The Crusades and just wars were contrary to the Will of God?). He then went on to claim that, "You cannot provoke, you cannot insult the faith of others. You cannot make fun of the faith of others … There is a limit. Every religion has its dignity … in freedom of expression there are limits." Francis then made the quip that if one of his aides (standing beside him) were to insult his mother, the aide should expect to get punched. 

 The media has had a field day with these remarks and, once more, spin-doctors at the Modernist Vatican were attempting damage control (i. e. He didn't mean that violence is justified if you insult someone, etc.) Nevertheless, there were some underlying principles which were by and large ignored and to which I wish to draw your attention. 

 1. "Every religion has its dignity."

  Error has no dignity, error has no rights, except the right to disappear. 

The following propositions were CONDEMNED as ERROR in the Syllabus of Errors by Pope Pius IX:

77. In the present day it is no longer expedient that the Catholic religion should be held as the only religion of the State, to the exclusion of all other forms of worship. -- Allocution "Nemo vestrum," July 26, 1855.

78. Hence it has been wisely decided by law, in some Catholic countries, that persons coming to reside therein shall enjoy the public exercise of their own peculiar worship. -- Allocution "Acerbissimum," Sept. 27, 1852.

79. Moreover, it is false that the civil liberty of every form of worship, and the full power, given to all, of overtly and publicly manifesting any opinions whatsoever and thoughts, conduce more easily to corrupt the morals and minds of the people, and to propagate the pest of indifferentism. -- Allocution "Nunquam fore," Dec. 15, 1856.

It's obvious the True Church did NOT consider false sects that send souls to their eternal ruin as "dignified." There is only dignity in truth not lies. Herein we find the "Frankenchurch" ecclesiology of Vatican II, which teaches that there are "elements of truth" in false religions, and from this "partial truth" they allegedly derive "dignity."

2. "You cannot make fun of the faith of others."

 As a practical matter in a pluralistic state, such as the United States, this is prudent advice. However, what constitutes "making fun"? Disagreeing with and working against false teachings is not the same as schoolyard name calling and taunts. Furthermore, look at the violent nature of Islam. They commit murder when their false prophet is attacked, but when was the last time such a thing occurred when Christ was insulted? You don't see Christians (of the false sects and the True Church) respond in such a way.

 A true pope would have condemned Islam, not made excuses for infidels.  Some commentators have defended Islam on the basis that the religion itself isn't violent, its what some people make of it. I suppose that some bigots could make the KKK an eleemosynary institution, but they would cease to be following the official teachings of the organization, and could no longer be considered Klansmen in the true sense of the word. The Koran teaches jihad and violence to spread the false teachings of Mohammed, anyone who doesn't do so is going against Islam. Analogously, a Traditionalist Catholic who has an abortion is not following official teaching and is "Catholic" in name only, incurring ipso facto excommunication.

3. "Insult my mother...a punch awaits..."

 OK, Frankie seems more protective of his mother than the Lord Jesus Christ. This is the man who made a joke about the Crucifixion!      
( Whom is he trying to kid? Insult my mother and expect a punch, but I'll mock Christ and you can laugh! Frankie has yet to denounce the anti-Catholic, and anti-theistic movies and pop culture singers who routinely mock Our Lord and Our Lady. He exalts his earthly mother over his Heavenly Mother and Her Divine Son.

 These were the real messages the media and bloggers missed. He might not "float like a butterfly and sting like a bee," but Antipope Francis will take a jab at truth every opportunity, hoping to score a knockout for the Father of Lies. 

Monday, January 12, 2015

The Evolution Of Heresy

 On January 1, 2015, the former three-term governor of New York, Mario Cuomo, died at the age of 82. His tenure as governor (1/1/83-12/31/94) was marked by controversy. The nominally "Catholic" governor of the Vatican II sect went out of his way to claim that you could be a "good Catholic" and support the murder of innocent children by abortion. Ironically, he would veto capital punishment citing his "conscience." His explanation was summed up as "capital punishment is the government taking a life, abortion is the government giving you a choice." I guess it never occurred to the left-wing media that their "erudite" darling couldn't come to grips with the fact that if an unborn baby is a person (which he conceded), then that is also taking human life---an innocent life to boot.

 As a life long New Yorker, I remember everyone being "proud" of the fact he was considered presidential or Supreme Court material, as a "great Catholic" (sic) and an Italian-American. One member of the Vatican II sect clergy, "Bishop" Austin Vaughn, Auxiliary Bp. for the Archdiocese of New York (who was in jail for blocking the entrance to an abortuary), denounced Cuomo and said he was going "straight to Hell" unless he repented. The remarks made front page of all the newspapers back in 1990, but not one other member of the Vatican II sect supported Vaughn, including his superior "Cardinal" John O'Connor. No one visited Vaughn in jail, and not a word from "St" John Paul II. Cuomo's son Andrew, the current governor, called his wayward father his "mentor and hero." He wants to enshrine Roe v. Wade into a statute, and in 2011, he strong-armed sodomite "marriage" into law. He lives in sin with his concubine (divorced without even a Vatican II phony "annulment"), and is freely given Vatican II "communion."

 I bring all this up, because as I read the liberal press lionizing this evil man, the New York Times motioned that he was a "disciple of the teachings of Fr. Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, SJ." Most people have probably never heard of Teilhard (1881-1955) or the destruction which he brought to the Church and the world at large.

Fast Facts On Teilhard:

  • He was born in south central France on May 1, 1881.
  •   He was educated at the Jesuit College at Mongre and joined the Society of Jesus in 1899.
  •  He continued philosophy and seminary education from 1901-05. This was followed by a three-year sojourn to Cairo, Egypt, where he taught physics and chemistry at a Jesuit school and developed his interest in paleontology. He went to England in 1908, studied theology and was ordained in 1911.

  •   He returned to Paris and studied paleontology and took a doctorate in 1922.

  •   For a short period he taught at the Catholic Institute in Paris but his unorthodox views, especially his rejection of Original Sin, led to his expulsion. He was exiled to China in 1923.

  • While in China, he never even attempted to make a convert, and some of his writings suggest he was a racist, who believed the Chinese were "sub-human."

  • He almost never offered The Most Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. 

  • He was involved in the "Piltdown Man" hoax. They claimed to have found a "missing link" proving evolution, but it was proven to be a forgery--the jawbone of an ape attached to the skull of a human. Teilhard was involved in this lie.

  •  In 1926, his Superior forbade him to teach.

  •   In 1933, the Holy See in Rome ordered him to give up his subsequent post in Paris.

  •  In 1939, the Holy See banned some of his writings

  •   In 1947, Rome also forbade him to write or teach on philosophical subjects.
  •   In 1955, his Superiors forbade de Chardin to attend the International Congress on Paleontology. That same year, de Chardin died in New York on Easter Sunday.

  •   On June 30, 1962, a Monitum was given at Rome by the Holy Office: “It is sufficiently clear that the above mentioned works abound in such ambiguities and indeed even serious errors, as to offend Catholic doctrine. For this reason, the most eminent and most reverend Fathers of the Holy Office exhort all Ordinaries as well as Superiors of Religious Institutes, rectors of seminaries and presidents of universities, effectively to protect the minds, particularly of the youth, against the dangers presented by the works of Teilhard de Chardin and his followers.”

  •  On July 20, 1981, the Sacred Congregation of the Doctrine of the (Vatican II) Faith, printed a Statement in L’Osservatore Romano reiterating the warning of the 1962 banning of the writings of Teilhard.

According to Teilhard, the true religion, which is Christianity, emerges by means of evolution and reveals itself not as the final stage, but as the only religion capable of continuing development.  Far from being a stage through which humanity passes in adolescence, the adoration of a Savior God is essential to the maturation of human nature. Primitive needs are not outgrown but refined in the Catholic Church until, by its guidance, they are satisfied in the ultimate monotheism, in worship of the Omega-God of evolution. Teilhard’s writings are full of heresies condemned by the Church. Besides denying the Church’s infallible Doctrine of Original Sin, he did not believe in the supernatural, such as angels, the devil or Hell. De Chardin was also a pantheist, who claimed that everything is God.  In addition, Teilhard was a monist, a collectivist, a secularist, founder of a new religion and a religious evolutionist. (See The Truth About Teilhard, by Msgr. Leo S. Schumacher and Christ Denied by Fr. Paul Wickens--whom I was honored to know personally).As a religious evolutionist, Teilhard erroneously claimed that everything is “becoming” and evolving and that God is evolving. So too, does Faith and Moral "evolve" so there is no fixed and immutable dogmas or morals.

This lead to some interesting ideas of Teilhard that his proponents would like us to ignore:

"Rome does not want me to return to my professorship. They do not seem to have taken a dislike to me, far from it; but they want to save Religion…..I would take enormous delight in breaking all ties" (the reference here is to breaking all ties to traditional Catholic belief, and the Church as a whole – from letter written Feb. 14 1927)

"I do not think God should be worshipped" – from a conference given in 1947

"What increasingly dominates my interest is the effort to establish within myself, and to diffuse around me, a new religion (let’s call it an improved Christianity if you like) whose personal God is no longer the great neolithic landowner of times gone by, but the Soul of the world……"(Letter to Leontine Zanta, Jan 26 1936)

"Christ saves. But must we not hasten to add that Christ, too, is saved by evolution?" (Le Christique, 1955)

"I have got so many friends in good strategic positions, that I feel quite safe about the future" (Letter, Sept. 24, 1947, wherein de Chardin remarks on his numerous disciples in positions of great influence in the Church, which would certainly appear to have been borne out by the accolades given de Chardin during the Second Vatican Council)

"No humane hopes for an organized society must cause us to forget that the human stratum may not be homogeneous. If it were not, it would be necessary to find for the Chinese, as for the Negroes, their special function, which may not (by biological impossibility) be that of the whites." (April 6, 1927 letter--pure racism)

 As you can see, if everything is in flux, you can claim to be "Catholic" while holding new and heretical/immoral ideas on everything from Creation, to the Sacraments, The Most Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, abortion, and homosexuality. Teilhard's ideas came alive at Vatican II. Who are some of his most ardent supporters?

According to The National Catholic (sic) Reporter:
"Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, for example, who as a young theologian named Joseph Ratzinger criticized Teilhard's views, a few years ago praised Teilhard's "great vision"of the cosmos as a "living host." That raised a few eyebrows and prompted Benedict's spokesman to clarify that "by now, no one would dream of saying that (Teilhard) is a heterodox author who shouldn't be studied."
Benedict's successor, Pope Francis, has also invoked Teilhard-sounding concepts about the ongoing development of human consciousness, and Vatican observers say it would not be surprising if Teilhard made an appearance in an encyclical on the environment that Francis is currently writing."

 Ratzinger, Francis, and Mario Cuomo. These are the fruits of Teilhard. The late Fr. Malachi Martin (of whom I am no fan), did remark in his book Hostage to the Devil, that one of the five reported cases of diabolical possession (that of a priest) was caused by his reading of Teilhard's writings (technically forbidden in writing by the Vatican, but now openly embraced by the current and immediate past antipopes). Could it be that they have invited Satan not only into the Church (to set up a false sect), but even invited him to possess their very soul? Following  De Chardin in his radical evolutionism, they've become a monkey's uncle, and ape Satan in his hatred of the truth.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Hollywood's Unbroken Assault On Faith And Morals

Two new movies were recently released in theaters across America. Both attack God, one directly, the other indirectly. Popular culture is no longer content at being atheistic, it is openly anti-theistic (i.e. it doesn't merely deny God, it openly seeks to eradicate Him and His moral law from society). Ridley Scott, an avowed atheist, has put forth the movie Exodus: Gods and Kings.

 In the movie, the parting of the Red Sea is made to be a purely natural event, given Scott's atheism. You can’t just do a giant parting, with walls of water trembling while people ride between them,” says Scott, who remembers scoffing at biblical epics from his boyhood like 1956’s The Ten Commandments. “I didn’t believe it then, when I was just a kid sitting in the third row. I remember that feeling, and thought that I’d better come up with a more scientific or natural explanation” (See Like the Modernists, Scott seeks to explain away the supernatural character of the parting of the Red Sea by the occurrence of a meteor hitting the sea, followed by cyclones and tidal waves. The idea of a meteor hitting the sea and not hurting the Jews, but causing the Egyptians to be swallowed up in the aftermath at the precise moment would be miraculous in and of itself!

 Scott continues his onslaught against the supernatural by claiming that the Burning Bush (through which God spoke to Moses) is really just a delusion of Moses hearing voices in his head after receiving a concussion when a rock strikes his skull. He sees a little boy talking to the bush, but only he can see the boy, making him appear delusional. God is further ridiculed, being portrayed as a small boy who has temper tantrums, and Moses yells at Him (!) However, a pagan priestess is seen giving a correct prophesy not recorded in the Bible, or in Tradition. Scott simply made it up and the pagan "gods" seem superior to the True God. The actor playing Moses, Christian Bale (best known as Batman in the Dark Knight movie trilogy), claimed, "I think the man was likely schizophrenic and was one of the most barbaric individuals that I ever read about in my life,"he said.
Bale also said he was surprised by the complexity of the Old Testament figure – and his creator.(sic)
‘He was a very troubled, tumultuous man and mercurial. But the biggest surprise was the nature of God. He was equally very mercurial.’ "(See

 Also released was Unbroken, directed by Angelina Jolie and is based on the book Unbroken: A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption (2010), written by Laura Hillenbrand. It tells the story of one Louis Zamperini, who died aged 97 on July 2, 2014. He was a member of the US Air Corps during World War II. His plane got shot down, and after barely surviving 47 days at sea, Zamperini was captured by the Imperial Japanese. He endured untold hardships and torture at the hands of the sadistic Japanese; especially one called "The Bird" who regularly tortured prisoners. Zamperini prayed to God promising to serve Him, should he survive. Eventually, Zamperini made it home, but forgot his pledge to Christ and led a sordid life.

 His greatest challenge (ironically) came when he was home. He suffered Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and became an alcoholic. He remembered his pledge to God, and promised to serve Christ. He beat his addiction, and his PTSD subsided. He actually returned to Japan to forgive his torturers.  Only "The Bird" refused to meet with him. This is incredible Christian charity, and I wonder if Mr. Zamperini would have entered the Traditionalist Church had he only known about it.

 Unfortunately, as powerful and moving as Louie Zamperini’s story is, the most moving and profound part of the story has been excised from his life in Jolie’s Unbroken. It would be easy to show his life spinning out of control with haunting nightmares, alcoholism and PTSD, drawing attention to a huge problem that is tragically overlooked in the world. His conversion and transformation, along with the saving of his marriage and subsequent trip to Japan to forgive his captors, would move millions to tears! According to an L.A. Times story, Jolie told Donna Langley, chairman of Universal Pictures, that her version of the story would end with Zamperini’s liberation as a POW and would not include his bout with alcoholism and his dramatic conversion to Christ. Jolie got the idea to leave out that part of his life in "a vision" she received at 2 am one night.

 When Jolie was questioned about what she wanted people to take away from the movie, she replied"“For my children and for everybody in the room, I want to be able to say, 'It can seem dark and it can seem hopeless and it can seem very overwhelming, but the resilience and the strength of the human spirit is an extraordinary thing.'” (See Angelina Jolie, NBC’s Today Show, February 25, 2014) When asked if God existed, Jolie responded, "For some people. I hope so, for them. For the people who believe in it, I hope so. There doesn't need to be a God for me. There's something in people that's spiritual, that's godlike. I don't feel like doing things just because people say things, but I also don't really know if it's better to just not believe in anything, either." Jolie is reportedly raising her Cambodian son Maddox Buddhist, though her personal beliefs are not widely known" (See --Emphasis mine)
Had Mr. Zamperini lived to see the film, I think he would have been moved to tears for what was left out of his life---God.

 A tale of two movies, both meant to appeal to mostly Christian audiences. One denigrates God, and the other ignores Him. I wouldn't have expected anything less from Hollywood, unless produced by that rare individual like Traditionalist Mel Gibson. Save your money and don't patronize these latest insidious films against God. The Vatican II sect will not be warning you of this danger. Stay away, and at least your soul will remain unbroken.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Sinful Habits

Antipope Francis is praising American nuns, after a two year investigation came to a close. According to Seattle Pi,
Pope Francis has praised the role of women in Catholic theology, extolling what he called their “feminine genius,” describing them as “strawberries on the cake” and talking about a “specific contribution of women to the intelligence of the faith.”

The report, issued on December 16, was resoundingly positive and was well received by the "Leadership Conference of Women Religious" (LCWR). Anyone who hasn't had their head buried like an ostrich knows that what passes for a "nun" in the Vatican II sect these days is a radical feminist who is religiously humanistic, sociologically Marxist, and politically socialist (at best). 

 Prior to Vatican II there were approximately 180,000 nuns in the U.S. Today, there are roughly 57,000, a decrease of over 67%. When Ratzinger was Antipope, there were stern criticisms of nuns in this country. He wouldn't actually DO anything, but he did like to keep a fa├žade of some sort of Catholicism. Not so Mr. Bergoglio. He praises the most vile elements in his sect. 

What's wrong with the Vatican II nuns? I'll spell it out since the report chose to cover it up:

1. Support of abortion, homosexuality, and the Democratic party in the name of "social justice"

The so-called "Nuns on the Bus" traveled around in 2012 to ostensibly raise awareness of the needs of the poor. They condemned then Vice-Presidential candidate, Congressman Paul Ryan, for making budget cuts to social programs. Ryan strongly identifies himself with the Catholic (Vatican II sect) religion. However, they had no criticism of Vice-President Joe Biden, who also receives the invalid Vatican II "communion" while vigorously promoting a budget with money to kill unborn babies by abortion. Biden also supports sodomite "marriage."

The National Coalition of Nuns (NCAN) has gone on record supporting the abortion/contraceptive mandate in Obamacide. NCAN's leader, Catholic Nun Donna Quinn, has openly stated she has taken women for abortions in the past, but exclaimed in 2012 that she leads a “very, very holy” life. The group claims to have “over 2,000 members” and says “a woman cannot have full autonomy unless she has Reproductive Autonomy.”

2. Alignment with heretical doctrines, "theologians," and Wicca

According to Robert Eady:

Straightforward Wicca or the similar but theologically more ambiguous WomanChurch have moved into many areas of the Catholic Church through feminist "theologians," feminist-inspired local activists and disgruntled nuns. 

 If there were any doubts .... that religious feminists had run amok in the Church, they were dispelled when faithful Catholic women found items in the (liturgy) kit's bibliography written by pro-abortion feminist nuns. Today almost every conservative Catholic publication has featured a horror story of some form of witchcraft or earth-goddess-inspired liturgy being performed in some Catholic Church in some large North American city.
Two of the most influential "Catholic" Wiccan, or WomanChurch figures to be found opposing the Church today are Mary Daly and Rosemary Radford Ruether.
Ex-nun Mary Daly teaches lesbian witchcraft. She has written several books, including the anti-male and anti-Catholic Beyond God the Father and. Wickedary, a dictionary of sorts for witches. In Wickedary Daly defines the Beatific Vision as: "the 'face to face' vision of god in patriarchal heaven promised as a reward to good Christians; an afterlife of perpetual Boredom: union/ copulation with the 'Divine Essence'; the final consummate union of the Happy Dead Ones with the Supreme Dead One."
Dr. Rosemary Radford Ruether, an influential speaker and writer who authored Sexism and God-Talk, was named to the overtly pro-abortion Catholics for Free Choice board back in 1985.
In true gnostic style, Reuther has described the "patriarchal" Church as an "idol of masculinity" to be broken up and ground into powder.
Typical of most WomanChurch feminists, Ruether has no problem defying Church teaching on homosexuality. In 1985, when promoting her soon-to-be-released Women-Church: Theology and Practice of Feminist Liturgical CommunitiesRuether promised a feminist largely "Catholic" audience that one chapter would contain "liturgies for healing" from painful experiences "such as coming out as a lesbian. Not that being a lesbian is unnatural, but that the way we've been repressed by homophobia is unnatural." At this same gathering she urged participants to establish female "base communities," "Women-Church groups," or "covens." (See Mr.Eady unfortunately believes the Vatican II sect to be the Catholic Church, but his analysis of the sect's nuns is right on target---Introibo. 
This is what received praise from the antipope. The "strawberries" are really nuts; the icing on a Devil's Food Cake full of spiritual poison for those involved. It doesn't take a genius (feminine or otherwise) to see that, Francis. 

Monday, December 22, 2014

Brainwashed Into Modernism

"Bishop" Nicholas DiMarzio, is the Vatican II sect leader of the formerly Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn since 2003. Like "Pope" Francis, he is neither a validly ordained priest, nor validly consecrated bishop. He is, however, a Modernist through and through. The diocese ( the only one in the U.S. entirely within the political confines of one city) was known for its large, beautiful and elaborate Churches that inspired many people and produced numerous vocations.

 Originally comprised of the boroughs of Queens and Brooklyn, as well as Nassau and Suffolk counties on Long Island, Pope Pius XII erected the Diocese of Rockville Centre in 1957. This new diocese took away Nassau and Suffolk from the Brooklyn Diocese which was now completely within the confines of NYC. In 1968, Brooklyn got its first invalidly consecrated  "bishop" in the person of Fr. Francis Mugavero. He was "gay friendly" as was the second "bishop" of Rockville Centre, the also invalidly consecrated (1971) John McGann.

 The two dioceses shared one seminary out on Long Island, Immaculate Conception Seminary, which was loaded with young men studying for the priesthood. By the late 1970s, Immaculate Conception was known as the "pink palace" due to the few men left, almost all of whom were sodomites. The seminarians were compelled to attend the services of Jews, Protestants, and Hindus to see the "goodness" they possess in the name of ecumenism. The seminary library was renamed in honor of Fr. George Tyrrell, a Modernist expelled from the Jesuits in 1906 for his heretical ideas and teachings. Tyrell was excommunicated by Pope St. Pius X in 1908, after he published two letters in the newspapers condemning St. Pius' great encyclical Pascendi. He died unrepentant in 1909 at age 48.

 McGann and Muguvero waged war on anything and anyone who retained the Catholic Faith. Both men threatened expulsion to any seminarian who would dare to attend Mass at the Ave Maria Chapel on Long Island led by the founder of the Traditionalist Movement, the late, great Fr. Gommar DePauw, who converted me to the Faith at age 16. Bp. Clarence Kelly, Superior General of the Society of St Pius V (SSPV) left Immaculate Conception Seminary in the late 1960s as the Modernism came in, and would be ordained a priest in 1973 by Abp. Lefebvre. In sum, if you were a sodomite that liked "Hindu spirituality" and believed in reincarnation, you'd make a great "priest."

 A couple of years ago, due to almost no seminarians left, the new Modernists in charge (William Murphy in Rockville Centre, and the aforementioned Nicholas DiMarzio) merged the few left with the seminary of the Archdiocese of New York, led by "Cardinal" Dolan. The former seminary is now used for formation of "permanent deacons" and "lay ministers." The laity and future  "deacons" are exposed to the same things that the seminarians had to endure. One diabolic method of destroying whatever faith may be left, is by means of a retreat known as a "Cursillo."

 The Movement began in Spain in 1944 and it was mostly propagated by a layman, Eduardo Bonnin. It seemed to "fly under the radar" for a while, as its propensity for Modernism was not readily perceived until after Vatican II when it was embraced. The Cursillo movement was forcefully condemned in 1972 by Bishop Antonio de Castro Mayer of Campos, Brazil. It was Bp. de Castro Mayer who would join Abp. Lefebvre in 1988 as co-consecrator to produce four bishops for the continuation the work of the Society of St. Pius X (SSPX).

 According to the National Cursillo Center website(, it defines the three day retreat as "a movement within the church that, through a method of its own tries to, and through God's grace manages to; enable the essential realities of the Christian to come to life in the uniqueness, originality, and creativity of each person."

 If you don't understand what that means, don't feel badly. Jabberwocky is the hallmark of Modernism. Although originally Roman Catholic, the techniques of the Cursillo have been used by multiple denominations, and have received scathing criticism. According to one Brian V. Jansenn, who has written for the Protestant magazine Christian Renewal, there are many and serious reasons to avoid a Cursillo. He attacks the Cursillo based on its techniques and effects.

I) Techniques

 According to Jansenn, "A sense of anticipation is created in the candidates as an aura of mystery surrounds the approaching weekend due to the enforced secrecy.  During the weekend itself candidates are exposed to emotional washing as they are run through a series of sudden and dramatic emotional shifts (the “surprises”).  The technique of love bombing is used as candidates are continually applauded, flattered, and pampered.  Strong peer pressure is exerted on them as the group direction, dominated by the numerous leaders present, is carefully steered toward the climax.  And there is a reversion to childhood:  candidates sit in table groups and draw posters with markers or crayons just like they did in elementary school, as a continual, silly, playful mood is fostered during the weekend. 

            We should mention also the unavoidable sleep deprivation, the withdrawal of familiar comforts and supports (no cell phones, only strangers in your table group, etc.), the loss of time consciousness (windows are covered, watches are confiscated, and no schedule is published), sensory over-stimulation (hugging, back rubs, close physical contact with strangers), and sometimes even dietary modifications resulting in a sugar high.   
            The purpose of these techniques is to keep the candidate disoriented and to break down their resistance and defense mechanisms.  And the goal of this disorientation and wearing down is to precipitate a cathartic experience.  A catharsis is a sudden discharge of pent-up emotions. 
For many, the weekend begins with a sense of dreading the unknown.  This is enhanced by the strange format and many surprises, by darkness and silence, and by moving and dramatic lectures and testimonies.  Eventually such emotion seeks release, and when the dam breaks and the feelings flow, usually through weeping, the resultant discharge often creates a strong sense of relief and euphoria, a “breakthrough.”  This is quickly redirected into exuberant joy, and the candidate is assured that they have had a powerful, religious experience.  Most often this translates into a new commitment to the Cursillo agenda, a close bonding with similarly-affected, fellow candidates, and a loyalty to and affection for the leaders."

II) Effects
 Again Jansenn reports, "The first long-term effect is that the experience tends to wear off.  Some will quickly dismiss it, but for others, this begins the quest for more and more emotional, weekend experiences:  usually a new pattern of attending frequent Cursillo weekends as a part of the team.  But this quest falls prey to the law of diminishing returns.  Subsequent experiences are not nearly so powerful, and eventually they have little or no emotional impact. 
            The weekend also tends to “spoil” the candidate.  Such a powerful experience is unlike anything else in life, and so normal life tends to lose its luster and seems flat and dissatisfying.  When this perspective is brought to the local church, the church is found wanting.  Church services cannot match the emotional high achieved during the weekend, and so the result is often a growing disaffection with and drifting away from the local church—a transfer of loyalty to the Cursillo community. 
            The weekend can also create a sense of spiritual superiority.  “If my local church never provided this deep, religious experience, and if my elders, pastor, or fellow church members have not been enriched as I have, then I must have advanced beyond them.”  This sense of superiority is exacerbated by the fact that candidates are sworn to secrecy.  They have become a part of the in-group, possessing special knowledge and experiences beyond those of the uninitiated.  And the inevitable result is a cliquishness, an affinity toward fellow Cursillo participants which transcends church membership and even family ties." (Underlined Emphasis mine).

 III) Use By Modernists
  Both DiMarzio and Murphy required a Cursillo of their seminarians, and priests deemed "too rigid" (read: retain some Catholic Faith and Morals). The late Traditionalist priest, Fr. Paul Wickens, confided in me that he had a brother in the priesthood who left. In these types of "reprogramming," he was made to feel that there was something wrong with him if he wasn't married, and he left his vocation with permission of  the Modernist hierarchy (which was only too happy to see him leave).
 Bp. de Castro Mayer warned in his 1972 Pastoral Letter condemning the Cursillo movement that "many compare the Cursillo triduum to brainwashing." And, " 'Brainwashing is a very wide notion. If by manipulating an overexcited sensibility, it cannot be denied that there is a very important fundamental element common to brainwashing and to the method of the Cursillos."

 Seminarians who are predisposed to anything truly Catholic are made to feel that they were wrong, and should fully embrace the Modernism of Vatican II; that there is something "wrong" with them if they do not like the idea of women "priestesses," ecumenical services, and fail to see the "deficiencies" in the "Extraordinary Form" of (so-called) "Mass."

  The Vatican II sect wants you to love it for the "Ecumenical Big Brother" it is--and they will go to any lengths in order to secure compliance. So don't be surprised that their "priests" are sodomites, perverts, heretics, and despise the very thought of Traditionalist Catholicism. Their "deacons" and "lay ministers" feel the same.  If they weren't like that at the beginning, Frankie and his hierarchy will transform them into supporters of the One World Ecumenical Church. They are brainwashed (Orwellian-style) into doublethink about pre- and post-Vatican II theology: “Doublethink means the power of holding two contradictory beliefs in one’s mind simultaneously, and accepting both of them.” Maybe SSPX has been using Cursillo too.

Monday, December 15, 2014

In Their Satanic Majesty's Service

 Antipope Francis, has found the best way of killing off what remnants of Catholic Faith and Morals remain in his Vatican II sect: death by integration---find ways to make the most horrible sins and errors seem OK.  Even the antipopes who came before Francis were careful to issue "condemnations" of sorts, to keep the appearance of Catholicism. True, the "condemnations" were merely words on paper and never enforced, but it allowed people to stay in the sect and blame any harm on "disobedient" so-called "priests" and "bishops." Case in point; abortion. Wotyla (John Paul II) condemned it many times, but Vatican II politicians who supported it received no sanctions.

 Now, Francis is on to a better ploy. According to Catholic News Service (CNS), He wants to find ways to "integrate" adulterers (i.e., those divorced and "remarried") "not merely allowing them to receive Communion (sic), but letting them serve as Eucharistic ministers (sic) and godparents---and to make it easier for Catholic (sic, again) families to accept their homosexual members."  Wow. Adulterers being allowed to do anything in Church without giving up their sin. Families called upon to "accept" sodomites without them giving up one of the Four Sins that Scream to Heaven for Vengeance. According to the report: "Pope Francis said, 'Communion alone is no solution. The solution is integration."

 In reference to adulterers acting as godparents, Francis dismissed the objection that they would set a bad example. He said, "It's the testimony of a man and a woman saying 'My dear, I made a mistake, I was wrong here, but I believe the Lord loves me, I want to follow God, I was not defeated by sin, I want to move on.' Is anything more Christian than that?" Yes! Giving up the sin, and amending your life for a start. Then you won't be "defeated by sin." Then make many acts of penance and reparation for your sin. Realize your choice to sin like that makes you unworthy of being a grandparent, and in so doing you become a good example without the role of godparent. Remember Who told the adulteress, "Go and sin no more."

 An even more insidious form of "integration" is taking place with the Vatican II "nun" Sr. Cristina. The twenty-five year old won a secular competition on the show The Voice of Italy. (See my post of 5/10/14). Now she has released an eponymous debut album, wherein she does a cover of the song "Like a Virgin" by the blasphemous pop star named Madonna. Just as Frankie received the praise of the sodomite rocker Elton John, Madonna has heaped praise upon Sr. Cristina, sending out two tweets calling them "sisters for life" and juxtaposing pictures of herself with Cristina (the video for the original song and the cover version were both shot in the same place 30 years apart). On December 10, Sr. Cristina gave a copy of her album to an approving Francis.

 To see exactly who Sr. Cristina is emulating, and what perversions to both faith and morals comes along, I will expose the evil singer named "Madonna." (She makes Elton John look almost harmless in comparison).

 Born in 1958 as Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone, the singer started out like most entertainers, broke, unknown, and in New York. She found her break when she landed a job going on tour in 1979 as a dancer behind French disco artist Patrick Hernandez. A year later, she formed a band called Emmy, which played in dance clubs. She became a hit in Manhattan, and the local attention she received was enough to land her a record deal with Warner Records. Her 1983 debut album, Madonna, featured her first big hit song called Holiday.

 Not only did she become a smash hit in the 1980s and beyond for her music, she spawned a fashion trend among teenage girls in the mid-80s with lace tops, gaudy jewelry (featuring crosses and crucifixes), frazzled hair, heavy bracelets, fishnet gloves and tops, and skirts over Capri leggings.

 Madonna is well known for her forays into expressions of virtually every sexual perversity while connecting it to the Blessed Mother(!):

  • Besides her name, she calls her first mega-hit song Like a Virgin. While on the Blonde Ambition tour, she mimed masturbation to the song while while topless men in foot-long point brassieres danced around her. According to People magazine she said, "As long as I'm riding high on the charts, I don't care if they call me trashy or a slut. I'm proud of my image." Other references to the Blessed Mother include two albums entitled True Blue (the color associated with the Mother of God) and a compilation The Immaculate Collection. In 1996, she named her daughter "Lourdes" and said she would be a "healing experience." (A reference to the Blessed Mother's apparition in Lourdes, France, and the miraculous healing that many have received there).

  • She doesn't believe she's more obsessed with sex than anyone else. She will often claim Like a Virgin is not about losing your virginity, but feeling "fresh and new." Her actions, both on and off stage, prove that statement a lie.

  • She claims that her critics are against her because "powerful women are a threat to society." She told Q Magazine in December 1994 that "women are not allowed to empower themselves without being labeled heretical and perverse." Along those lines she claimed to have "empowered" herself by having several abortions.

  • Madonna seeks to uncover sexuality in everything. She told Spin magazine in June 1985 that she views Catholicism as "kinky," and sports crucifixes because "crucifixes are sexy, ... they have a naked man (sic) on them."

  •  She believes and follows the anti-Christian Kabbalah which is occult and syncretic.

  • In a 1995 interview with New Music Express, she said, "I think we all have the same God... God is in all of us and we are all capable of being gods and goddesses. That's my brand of Catholic mysticism. Throw in some Buddhism and you've got my religion."

  • She published a book entitled Sex in 1992. It is a coffee table book of pornographic pictures, including portrayals of sadomasochism and rape. Ironically, Madonna claims to have been raped when she was young. There's a picture in the book of her apparently being raped by Catholic schoolboys as she wears a Catholic schoolgirl's uniform. She said it was a fantasy of hers and, "I have a smile on my face because I'm having a good time." The book was released at the same time as her 5th album, aptly titled Erotica.

  • Madonna is a strong supporter of sodomites. She experiments with lesbianism and stated, "Straight men need to be emasculated....Every straight guy should have a man's tongue in his mouth at least once." (See New Music Express, May 1991).

  • On March 31, 1994, she appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman. She asked Letterman to smell her panties (she came out on stage holding them in her hand) and used the f-word 14 times. It was the most censored episode in talk show history.

  • Madonna claims she is misunderstood and will one day be vindicated. In the December 1995 issue of New Music Express, she asserts, "My comfort is that all the great artists since the beginning of time have always been completely misunderstood and never fully appreciated until they were dead. They didn't understand Van Gogh, and they crucified Jesus Christ."

 Are you sufficiently disgusted yet? She compares her brazen perversity and wickedness to the art of Van Gogh, and the life of Christ? Yet this is what Sr Cristina and Francis welcome into the Vatican II sect.

 To those who object that Sr. Cristina can use Madonna's music to "evangelize" here are some considerations:

1. Frankie has said "Proselytism is nonsense."

2. Madonna praises Sr. Cristina. Do you think she would do that if the effect of her music was good and wholesome?

3. It's a bad influence on kids. It will lead them to believe Madonna's music, and that of other rotten pop/rock singers, is acceptable. The lyrics are evil. As Proverbs 23:7 tells us, "As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he." The thoughts and ideas we have affect us. If we listen to, meditate upon, and repeat words that are evil, our thoughts will become evil. Thoughts lead to words, and words to actions. Would you want your seven year old daughter singing, "like a virgin, touched for the very first time."?

 Secular rock has been a breeding ground for evil. The Rolling Stones have a song, Sympathy for the Devil. Mick Jagger, the leader of the band allowed the late Anton LaVey, founder of the Church of Satan and author of the Satanic Bible, to use it as the official song of Satanism. The Rolling Stones also put out an album entitled, Their Satanic Majesties Request.

 Now, with Francis integrating adultery and sodomy into his sect as forces for good, and helped by Sr. Cristina leading the young to emulate the likes of Madonna, I can only wonder if , indeed, they are following their master Satan's  personal request.